9 Waterdell Lane,
St. Ippollitts,
SG4 7RA.



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ACCOMMODATION Comprises of a chalet of wooden construction 4 feet deep by 3 foot wide and 6 foot high, each with an outdoor run 5 foot long by 3 foot wide. Each chalet is fully insulated and has its own window and hatch giving the cat access to its run.

Heating and lighting is available in each pen if required. All chalets are fitted with a shelf individual baskets lined with 'Vetbed' and a covered litter tray.


All chalets and runs are thoroughly disinfected between boarders in addition to routine disinfection during their stay.


Cats will be groomed as and when requested by the owner but please ensure that you bring your cat's own brush and comb.


All boarders must have a current vaccination certificate against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. These vaccinations should have been completed at least 14 days prior to boarding. Please ensure that you bring your vaccination certificate with you when bringing your cat.

Males that are entire and over the age of 12 months cannot be boarded without the prior agreement of the Cattery Management.

All cats should be in good health but any regular treatment or medication advised by a Veterinary Surgeon can be continued whilst in our care as long as it is not for a contagious condition.


We offer a variety of proprietary brands of cat food or we will feed fresh food (raw minced beef or lamb, cooked chicken, cooked fish) or a combination of both. Special arrangements can be catered for by prior arrangement.


All cats are insured for veterinary treatment up to a cost of 200.00 for any illness occurring as a result of being in our care.